Natal Reports

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Lunar Return

Basic Natal Report  - Examines natal trio (Sun,Moon,Rising Sign) + major aspects. This 4 pg. report describes personality + general tendencies.

Every month the moon returns to the exact same point it was at, at the time of each of our births. This is referred to as the Lunar Return. The chart for one's Lunar Return works similarly to a transit, except that whereas the transit horoscope is more specific and suggests tendencies for one day, the lunar return is more broad and suggests the general environment, challenges and growth patterns for the entire month.

Transit reports analyze the position of the planets for a specific date and time, to the position of the planets in one's natal chart. By examining the location of these planets and the way in which they interact with the planets in a birth chart, the general environment, current challenges and growth patterns of the person who’s natal chart is being analyzed, can be revealed.

Comprehensive Natal Report  - Examines entire natal chart + major aspects. This 10 pg. report describes personality, potential career options, relationship habits + general tendencies.

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