"I would recommend going to Stacey for all your astrology needs. She was extremely knowledgeable on not only specific characteristics about me, but also gave me great advice on how to best work through some of my issues. She helped me better understand some of the choices I've made in my life thus far and how I can move forward in a positive way. I found the experience to be extremely enlightening" -- Amy Leibovitch, Los Angeles, CA.

"After reading my natal chart, I realized something: there is a reason I am who I am. Seeing everything about me explained so succinctly and accurately brought everything into perspective. If I really wanted to, I could hand this chart to a perfect stranger and they would know exactly what to expect from me. When I read about where my doubts and worries are rooted in, I began to change my way of thinking. There is no generalization here. I can't think of one person who can look at my chart and say they are the same exact way and to be honest, I know now that there isn't meant to be one." -- Evette Anguiano, Los Angeles, CA

"Stacey had never met me before, but she nailed my Natal Chart! I never had a Natal Chart reading before Stacey, and man did it confirm so much! I was able to learn and discover deeper insight into why I am the way I am. She was able to give me a better understanding of specific events that occurred in my life, at a particularly young age, and resurfaced some of those feelings to the present. Stacey has a talent, and really understands what's going on in the universe. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to experience this reading, as it clarified and settled many uneasy situations in my life. Stacey was able to help me understand and dig deeper into the positions of the planets and how this affects me specifically. She also mentioned key periods in my life to pay close attention. I look forward to this continuous journey of learning about myself and to see what else unfolds in the process. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the bigger picture!" -- Katie Mathews, San Francisco, CA.